Tips for Writing a Great Non Profit Press Release

Non profit organizations need to promote their activities in order to get customers and investors. One of the best ways of doing this is to write a non profit press release that is very effective and will get the desired results. It seems to be harder for some non profit groups to get publicity than others. You do need to have media coverage but that is expensive and such organizations don’t have an advertising budget that would extend to paying out large amounts of money.

Telling the Story in a Non Profit Press Release

The best way to write a good non profit press release is to tell a story of one of the main activities of the group. This will spark the interest of readers who would be interested in your charity event press release and mark the date on the calendar so that they can attend. This story should be one that will evoke an emotional response so that readers will love and that will be deemed newsworthy by the media. If you want to raise money for a piece of equipment, for example, it is better to tell the readers how you have helped others than concentrate on the reason you need the equipment.

A headline is very important in a charity press release. The headline is the first thing that readers and journalists look for. The search engine robots also look for keywords in the headlines and compare them with recent searches online for similar headlines. Thus you do need to consider search engine optimization when writing a non profit press release for the Internet.

The 5 W’s of a Non Profit Press Release

Include the answers to who, what, when, where, why and how in the details you want to incorporate into the non profit press release. This will provide the readers will all the important information they need without having to provide in-depth details about any one aspect in particular. If it is at all possible include a testimonial from a person that has been helped by your organization or a message from the Director about the way the organization is assisting the community as a whole. Lastly you should have a short blurb about the history of the organization as the conclusion of your charity press release.

When you want to target a specific audience to let them know about a charity event, it is best if you have an effective non profit press release that is well written. Our professional writers can do this work for you quickly and efficiently. You will receive an email with a draft of the press release for you to approve before we submit it to the cites related to charity press releases.