Tips for Writing an Acquisition Press Release

One company buys or acquires another or two companies merge to become one. This is common practice in the business world and each time it happens the buyer or the company that retains the name sends out an acquisition press release. This is to let stakeholders and clients know of the changes in the operation of the business and to welcome the clients of one business into the practice of the other. Such a document does not have to provide details of the arrangement or provide information about the amount of money involved.

Don’t Write a Lengthy Acquisition Press Release

Both an acquisition press release and a merger press release are short and to the point. The headline is catchy to grab the attention of the media and the information is generally written in one paragraph. There is no waste of words in the document which simply states which companies are involved and contains quotes from the executives of all those involved giving their approval for the deal. It is very important to send out an acquisition press release because in this global economy anything that affects one business can have an effect on several others. An online financial press release is the fastest way to get the news out.

Use Professional Language in an Acquisition Press Release

The language of an acquisition press release has to be professional in every way. There can be no use of slang words that might work for another occasion and the release has to be completely free of any errors. Along with being newsworthy with regard to the change in ownership, the press release should provide some idea of what the future is going to bring for the business, the employees and the clients.

Immediate release should always be written along the top of the page for a merger press release. Then you will follow with the title of the acquisition press release and finally the details you want to provide to the readers. Leave your contact information until the end so that if any of those interested want to get in touch with you for more information they are able to do so. Once you have everything in the correct format, then you can start the distribution process for the financial press release.

It is often very challenging for the secretaries and executives to formulate an acquisition press release so that it shows in the best light because they are so close to the source. For this reason it is better to hire a professional press release writer to do the job for you. We have the writers who are well able to provide you with the best press release writing and distribution at a reasonable rate.