What an Art Press Release Should Look Like

There is an art involved in writing press releases but even more so when you need to write an art press release. You have to write a catchy title because this is what readers see first and the title has to make them want to read on. The title has to prove that the press release is newsworthy and therefore has to have some sort of hook to catch the attention of the Internet robots that pick up press releases and help them rank highly in the search engines, especially Google.

Gather Your Information Before Writing an Art Press Release

Before you start writing a press release, whether it is an art gallery press release or a theater press release, you should list all the information you want to include from most important to least important. Once you determine what information is the most important for your art press release, then you should include this in the first paragraph. This should be the date, time, and location at first. Then in the rest of the paragraphs you can include the rest of the information in decreasing importance.

When you have these paragraphs completed, you should not figure that your job of writing an art press release is over. Now you have to start reading and rereading to revise and edit the press release. Study other press releases, such as an art gallery press release, to determine how you can make effective changes to make your press release stand out. Even though you might be tempted to exaggerate to make the copy more creative, you need to stick to the facts and not make any false claims.

What Details Should Be Included in an Art Press Release?

It is true that you want to include as many details as you can in an art press release. However, you cannot discuss any one aspect in great detail. The idea of an art, art gallery or theater press release is to get the message across as precisely as possible. Try to keep the word count between 500 and 750 words. You don’t want to bore your readers. You want to do the opposite – make the art event one that readers will want to attend and share the press release with their friends and family.

Now that you have read about what goes into writing a good art press release, you have to decide whether your writing talents are up to the challenge or not. If you feel that you don’t think you would be able to do the best job, our press release writers will be able to do it for you. We have the writers with the skills and experience in writing and submitting press releases for you. We also have a series of sites for art and artists that you may not even know of that will help get your press release seen by the greatest possible number of art lovers.