What Is a Web Press Release?

When you hear the phrase “web press release” you may be wondering how it differs from other types of press releases. The answer is that there is no difference at all. The main mode of publishing today is on the Internet and this is what a web press release refers to – a press release that is sent out online. There is a difference though in that when you publish an Internet press release you can either publish a written document or a video press release.

Get Noticed Online with a Web Press Release

A web press release is distributed only online. You don’t have to print out the document and distribute it manually. You will receive much greater publicity with an Internet press release than you will with traditional methods of distribution because of the far reaching effects of the Internet. It can be shared on social media networks, tweeted on Twitter, published by online news and on blogs and websites. While paper press releases are usually posted on bulletin boards for a limited period of time, when they are published online they can stay there forever.

Essentials of a Web Press Release

There are certain factors involved in writing a web press release that you wouldn’t have to bother with if you were publishing it offline. In order to be picked up by the search engines and those looking for information online you have to insert key words and phrases. These are specific words related to the subject of the press release, which could be anything, that searchers will enter in their queries. They must be included in the title, which should also be very interesting to make the readers want to continue reading.

Sometimes in your eagerness to present keywords in the web press release you overdo it. This is called stuffing the document and is frowned upon because it doesn’t read normally. You should have the keywords in the subheadings and sprinkled throughout the paragraphs. The best option would be to have a few focus keywords that you can insert in strategic places and not use one keyword too much.

A web press release has to be newsworthy – perhaps even more so than a traditional press release. Even though it is a marketing tool and you are trying to promote something – a business, an idea or a product, for example, you should not try to sell the reader anything in the document. This will turn them off. You have to make it an interesting read and make them want to know more so that they will visit your website to get additional information.