Writing a Press Release for Marketing

Although the primary purpose of a press release is to increase traffic and sales, it is not intended to be a sales pitch. Rather it should be used to announce important news that you want everyone to know – something about your business or the launch of a new product. A press release for marketing is basically a veiled way of advertising because you have to write it in such a way that it will inspire people to want to know more about you. It is a promotional tool that will help you to establish your brand online and market it to potential customers.

The details of your marketing press release should be brief and to the point. Any major discussion of any specific aspect should be omitted from the press release for marketing and instead should be included in the pages of your website. The press release has to be newsworthy enough to be picked up by search engines and be published by Google News. Since you are writing a promotion press release it is important that you use SEO – search engine optimization. This is the strategic placement of keywords that will make the press release show up in the search engine rankings.

How Do You Find the Proper Keywords to Use in a Press Release for Marketing?

There are several free sites online that will give you the most recently searched phrases and the amount of competition that exists for each one. By using one of these sites you can enter an important word related to you promotion press release and search for words and phrases that searchers have used in the past month. Pay attention to the number of sites where these keywords already exist and the number of searches for each one. For your press release for marketing you want to focus on the keywords that have a high number of searches and a low number for existing websites.

Once you have the list of keywords and phrases then you can craft your marketing press release using these words. You have to include them naturally and only when they make sense in the sentence. By overusing the keywords you run the risk of not being seen as credible and this will work against your marketing campaign. You really do need to have some sense of how to market yourself online to write a great press release for marketing.

We Make Press Release for Marketing Easy

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