Press Release for an Event

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Writing a press release for an event is no different from writing a new company press release in the sense that you need to capture the readers’ attention right from the get go. A press release doesn’t need to run for a few pages since it will bore your readers. A single page actually works better as long as it has all the information about the event. Do you want to know more? Read on.

The Art of Writing a Press Release for an Event

  • Write a good headline – Your headline should be strong, engaging, and as accurate as possible so your readers will know exactly what your press release is all about.
  • Get to the point – Your readers would like to know what your event is all about so don’t go around beating the bush in the first paragraph. Give them a summary of what your event is all about.
  • Share relevant information – The body of your press release should contain additional information about the event that you are promoting. Write about who your target audience is, the guests who will appear in your event, the benefits of participating in the event, where the venue is, and so on.
  • Boilerplate statement – This is basically a text just like what you write in your company’s about page. This is where the details about your business or company, as well as the products and services that you are offering can be found.
  • Contact information – This is usually found at the end of your press release and should contain all information on where you can be reached for additional details about the event.

Get Examples of Press Releases for Events

For those who will be writing a press release for the first time, you can always look for examples online to get more ideas on how to write one. There are templates available that you can download too but make sure that you choose one that will work best for your event. Review their contents and see how they write their press releases. You can use them as guides as you write your own PR.

Expert Press Release

If you’re given the task of writing a press release for an event, make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above. Keep in mind that your readers are looking for a straight forward approach to getting news about your event so as long as you make your press release simple and straight to the point, you won’t have a hard time getting your message across.

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