How We Choose Best Press Release Sites

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A press release can only add value if it is read, this means that you have to get it published on websites and blogs which have readership and an interest in your area of business. So how do you get your press release to these sites? If you had to search and find all of these sites one by one and then send your press release to each individually this would be an enormous task. So this is why sites like ours exist so that we can distribute your press release for you to these many sites. There are many sites out there that are constantly looking for content and stories to publish for their readership, they subscribe to distribution services so that they can be made aware of all the stories that are released each day in their areas of interest. So if you publish your press release through press release sites your release will be seen by possibly thousands of other sites that day that could choose to run your story for the benefit of their readership.

Press Release Websites

There are many press release sites out there and some are obviously better than others with regards to their authority in the eyes of Google and the other search engines, and with the number of subscribers that they have looking for news stories like yours. Each service has slightly different rules but typically they will publish your story on their site and then make your story available for their many subscribers. Your story will be searchable by publishers based on your specified category and in many cases keywords. So how do you choose which site to put your press release on? Well you can look at the page rank of the site to find out how well respected they are as a site, the higher the page rank the better the link to your site will be. You can also look at the number of subscribers they have although it may be difficult to assess how respected each of them are. Or maybe you could circulate your press release to as many press release sites as you can.

Our Press Release Sites

We have a long press release sites list from which you can select which you would like your press release to be published to. By simply selecting the boxes you can specify which sites you want us to use and we will then manually submit your release to each site for publication. Our service allows you to use all of the press release sites listed easily and economically allowing your release to be accessed by the maximum number of publishers online. Using our press release sites saves you a huge amount of time and will ensure that you maximize the return on your time and money. So if you have a press release to circulate use our service today and get the word out all across the Internet.