Rules of Online Press Release Submission

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Press releases are still one of very best and cost effective ways of getting effective advertising for your business. Compared to buying advertisements on other sites and other methods the press release costs next to nothing and is very easy to do. It is also a suitable route for almost any type of business either online or in the “real world.” But if you want to get published there are a few rules that you need to follow before you submit a press release online.

Having Your Press Release Written Professionally

Unless your press release conforms you will not get published, just like submitting your release for a newspaper you have to ensure that you follow rules for format, word count, style and so on to allow your work to be submitted and accepted. If you don’t meet their standards you will not get published. Our writers know exactly what is needed to get your press release successfully published every time. So why try to write a press release yourself when our highly experienced professionals can do the job for you quickly and inexpensively. Our writers also know exactly how to write a release to make people want to read it and publishers want to publish. They know the secrets of writing for publication as well as writing for the search engines using search engine optimization (SEO.) Using their service will ensure your success when you use an online press release submission.

Using Our Online Press Release Submission Service

Our service allows you to select as many or as few press release distribution services as you want to use. We will then manually submit online. Press release distribution requires that you target your keywords and categories and by using manual submission we can ensure that your release is in the right place to maximize your publication chances. Our service provides online press release submission to all of the main press release submission services which will allow you to quickly have your release supplied to many thousands of publishers online within your niche. You need to make sure that your press release is correctly categorized within these sites and contains relevant keywords if you want your release to be published. We can do all of this for you very cheaply. While you can select which sites to submit to you need to understand a few things which may help you get published. The more popular sites with higher page rank may look more valuable but you will have greater competition for publication, while the lower ranking sites will have fewer other stories competing against yours for publication in your niche. So selecting a mix is better than just using only the highest ranking sites; even better select all of the online press release submission services and you will gain the highest possible distribution across the entire Internet.