SEO Press Release Distribution for More Sales

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

The most difficult part of using press releases is to get them read. If your press release cannot be found by people looking for your products or services then you will gain little benefit from them. The whole point of a press release is to build your brand and to send traffic to your website or even an event; but if people can’t find it to read it then you will not get your traffic. While a well written press release may get traffic from being published on a well trafficked news site or blog this will be short lived when your story goes into the archives or is replaced by newer events. You have to write your release so that it can be found by the search engines, so you have to use something called SEO or search engine optimization.

Writing a Press Release for SEO

An SEO press release has to have more thought than just a standard press release, it must also have a hook to interest the reader and get them to read as well as a well written opening paragraph and a call to action. Most importantly it must be based very much around what people are searching for on the internet regarding your products and services. By focusing on the keywords that people use when searching for your services you can make your release appear in the search engine results and get visitors from people that are using Google, Bing and the other search engines. This is why our service also offers SEO press release distribution in conjunction with an SEO press release writing service to help you to get your press releases noticed.

SEO Press Release Distribution

When you distribute your press release you should use our SEO press release distribution service which will ensure that the right keywords are used within your press release and for the distribution service itself. Most distribution services allow you to use keywords that will be used for tags as well as for helping publishers to select articles for publication; using the right keywords will maximize your returns. This does not always mean targeting the highest trafficked keywords, sometimes it is better to concentrate on lower volumes that have greater buyer intent.

Our SEO Press Release Service

Our staff here fully understand the use of SEO to maximize your business returns. They have a huge amount of experience in writing press releases for SEO and in distributing them successfully using the best keywords. Used correctly SEO will have your release appearing in places such as Google news and general search results. Use our SEO press release distribution service today if you want to get your business found in the search results day after day.