Press Release Writer

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Why Do You Need a Press Release Writer?

If you have tried to gain additional advertising for your business through using press releases yourself then you will have found that it is very difficult to actually get a publisher to accept your press release. Unless a press release is formatted correctly in much the same way a journalist would prepare a story for a newspaper it will not be accepted. Nor will it be accepted if the publisher does not think that your press release will be of interest to their readers.

Writing a press release is far more than just throwing down a few facts about your company and what is going on; you must use a professional skilled press release writer if you want to stand any chance of having your release published.

How Our Press Release Writers Can Help You

Writing press releases for distribution and then getting them distributed to as many quality sites and publications as possible is what this service is about. We employ only the very best and most experienced writers who will be very capable of writing a good press release for you and your business.

Your assigned press release writer will know precisely how to turn your news story about your business into an engaging press release to promote your business. They can create for you a headline that will grab the attention of both reader and publisher alike and then deliver on that headline within the first few paragraphs ensuring that the reader will read on through to your call to action. It is only by writing a press release that can entice the readers in that will ensure that your press release gets both published and then read and acted upon. This is why you need to use the skills of our press release writer.

Most business owners and managers do not have the skills that you will find with the press release writer from our service nor the time to dedicate to writing a press release.

Press Release Distribution

Our press release distribution service will ensure that your press release will be seen by many thousands of online and offline publications. Each of which could choose to publish your story. The better written it is the more chance that you will have that your release will be published in many different locations. This is why it is so important that you use our service and avail yourself of the services of a top-notch press release writer.