Problem-Solution-Result Approach to Filming a Video Testimonial

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

There are several common plots of video testimonials, but majority of them boil down to simply advertising the product praising its advantages or telling a finalized story on how it was before and how this awful situation changed with an advertised product or service. As you know, the first video testimonial variant looks too fake, therefore the second option you can face oftener, and it really impresses. We are going to tell you in a greater detail how it works.

Defining the Problem in a Video Testimonial

Prior writing a script of your video testimonial, the problem should be defined. Choose something quite common and familiar for everyone and add a bit of personal touch. Video testimonial will sound quite ordinary, if a video testimonial actor just says that he couldn’t find a flower shop with low prices and wide variety, but if this video testimonial actor says that he has been looking for a flower shop selling freesias for 3 month, because it’s the favorite flowers of his girlfriend – that will work! Only particular and specific video testimonials grab attention, as they are genuine.

Suggest Solution in a Video Testimonial

Next step is quite evident – a video testimonial actor has accidentally bumped into your service or product, and his life changed dramatically. On solution stage the most important thing is also to be original. Ordinary phrases like “my friends advised me” and “my mother suggested” don’t grab attention no more. For instance, the video testimonial actor was visiting his cousin in another city and entered the flower shop near souvenir shore by chance. Too tangled and complicated video testimonial story also won’t work, and only puzzle potential customers. If the problem description can take up to 3 sentences, solution should be found very fast – just in one clause.

Unbelievable Results Finish Video Testimonial

And quite predictable happy end of every video testimonial is praising advertised product or service, which dramatically changed life of a video testimonial actor. But avoid exaggerated advertising of your product too. A video testimonial solves one problem and depicts results of this solution, so forget about global changes and results, which are reflected on every scope of activity – noone will believe in this fairy-tale.

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