Professional Help with Press Release SEO Writing

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Press release writing is an art, as is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Writing a press release for SEO is even more so. When your company needs a press release, you have two choices, hire professional help to teach you to write and optimize them for the Internet so you can write them yourself, or hire professionals that offer press release SEO services to write and edit the press report for you. Either way, professional help with press release SEO writing can be the best decision you can make.

Hire a Professional Press Release SEO Writer or Do-it-Yourself?

Press release writing and SEO techniques are equally difficult and highly sought after skills, which is why people hire writing services. However, some people learn proper SEO techniques and earn how to write press releases in the different formats. They then learn to combine press releases, SEO and PR editing to offer the very best services possible.

The problem is that, unfortunately, whether you own a small business or you are the president or CEO of a large corporation, chances are that you do not have time to learn basic SEO techniques, let alone how to write press releases for SEO.

This is why many business owners and CEOs turn to the professionals to help with press release SEO writing. Hiring a professional press release writing service is not only cost-efficient and effective, but it also saves time.

What to Expect from the Professional Press Release SEO Writers

When hiring a professional for anything, you expect a specific level of service, right? Well, the same is true of press releases and SEO services – both offer clients a certain level of service that can be expected each time the service is used. When hiring professionals to help write a press release for SEO, the service you hire should employ writers who:

  • Understand press release formatting and basic SEO techniques
  • Understand how to implement keywords and keyphrases
  • Know how to use anchor text and place backlinks
  • How to distribute press releases for SEO to high-ranking PR websites

Because press releases play such an important role in any company, it is expected that the release will not only be completely focused, on topic, and engaging, but that it will also be grammatically correct and completely error free.

When deciding whether to write a press release yourself or hire professional help, consider this, press releases that employ even the most basic of SEO techniques tend to place higher in the search engines. This typically means that if your company uses a press release for SEO, your press release and your company would garner more traffic and media attention than a company that does not use SEO in its press releases.

Why not hire a professional to help with your company’s next press release?