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Press releases are documents for publicity. Because most press release writers are engaged in press release writing services, they already have a press release template. Likewise, having a press release on your own is possible provided that you learn the basics on how to write a press release template. If you do not know how to write your template, consult a press release distribution service website because they also provide some tips on how to write a press release template.

You must first need to know what a press release template is. Generally, a template is a press release layout. In writing a press release, a press release writer is required to follow guidelines and format for their press release writing to be acceptable. To help do their work easier, people working in a press release writing service or independent writers rely on template for press release. They only have to fill in the details.

Learning to write a press release template entails the knowledge of writing a press release. Here is a sample to help you out:

Press Release Template Sample




Contact Person

Company Name

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Email Address

Web site address


HEADLINE [Tells the reader what the press release is all about]

City, State, Month, Day, and Year- You must be able to provide a catchy and relevant introduction. It must contain information about the press release and should answer the basic questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. Readers should know why your news is important just by reading the first part.

After the introduction, you are ready to write the body. Limit your press release proper in not more than three paragraphs. Provide the details and relevant information in this part. It is also better to write in layman’s language. First, be sure to give an overview of what you are announcing to the public. Is it a new book, a presidential proclamation, or a new service or product?

In addition, the body should be informative and not simply an advertisement of your new product or service, a new book, a band, or other events that need publicity. Be sure that the features of a good press release can be found in your article.
About [Company]
After the body, write your boilerplate. The boilerplate is your company information. Limit this to 100 words or less. If you cannot do it in less than a hundred words, try putting a website link that people can visit and know more about your company.

For Inquiries:
Reiterate your contact information and company information in this portion.

Clairine Samuelson

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Antique Button Collections



The three hash tags end your press release. This is a common practice in press release writing.

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