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Being able to report your important company news and announcements in a professional and timely manner is crucial, and using professional press release marketing as a way to announce your news can help publicize your company, its website and services offered. Deciding to use press release marketing can be one of the most important decisions you can make as a business owner.

In fact, many people consider marketing press release news to be free publicity, especially if the strategy if used correctly. Press release distribution not only helps gain credibility from your readers, but it also helps gain free traffic to your website while announcing the most important aspects of your business.

As part of an integrated marketing plan, using marketing press release writers, or professional press release writers to craft a news release for your company is just one part. In fact,  creating a perfect press release marketing campaign means incorporating various well known offline marketing techniques into your strategy. These techniques will oftentimes include basic and advanced SEO and social media marketing techniques, distribution of content and other notable techniques.

Most utilized marketing strategies will include such things as:

  • Using noteworthy news releases focused on a specific topic relevant to your company
  • Properly placing keywords and anchor text with perfectly placed backlinks
  • Proper distribution to reputable syndication sites, including the corporate blog and RSS feed
  • A perfectly worded call to action
  • Social media marketing using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, DIgg, StumbleUpon, etc.

SEO can help your press release rank higher in the search engines, and distribution can help publicize the press release even more.

If you hire our service to write your company press release, you are assured of getting your company get the media attention that it deserve because no doubt a professional will create targeted content for your specific audience, which will draw in even more readers.

Press Release Writers Know How to Make it Working

Don’t forget about the distribution services, as getting your press release syndicated is probably the most important step in your press release marketing campaign. The more people who read your press release, the more free publicity your company received, which eventually translates into traffic.