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Being able to communicate with other companies, announce new products, and announce company events that concern consumers in addition to alerting the media and consumers to other issues are only some of the reasons for writing and distributing press releases to various press release websites. In fact, some of the top press release websites are used in integrated press release marketing campaigns to help drive traffic and consumers to a company website, or help consumers decide to take action.

As they were originally designed, press releases typically were distributed to news outlets and magazines. However, these days, while professional press release writers still write press releases and distribute them to press release websites to announce important company news and events, they use the press releases for other purposes, use SEO, and then distribute them to only the highest-ranking press release websites. This new form of press releases, websites, new media, and Web 2.0 websites use proper news outlet standard formatting in addition to the proper SEO techniques to get the press release noticed by even more people.

Hire Press Release Writers to Submit on Best Press Release Websites

When hiring professionals to distribute your press release, you are assured access to the top press release websites, including the list of press release websites that well known companies use. Because some press release websites are industry specific, professional writers know which keywords should be used on any given website press release. They base these keywords on the company’s industry or niche. The writer also understands which phrases to use for the anchor text used to link back to the company website from the press release website.

After the press releases are optimized for the search engines, they can be distributed to the list of press release websites, which will include high page rank press release websites for SEO and marketing purposes. Writing a press release for SEO purposes means that the information contained and the formatting must be perfect because it is the face of the company. That is the press release for SEO is what gets the company noticed in the search engines and draws in visitors if done right and then distributed to the right press release websites.

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For this reason, hiring a professional press release writing and submission service might be a good idea to ensure the best content is written and distributed for your audience to read, as it may make the difference between few or many reading the release.