Promote Your Band with an Artist Press Release

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Not all singers are as popular as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, or the Beatles even if they are dead. There are a lot of bands and artists that are not known, not even in their locale. Either their style is not appealing to music enthusiasts or fans or they just lack publicity and press coverage. Each time you watch artists in YouTube, you ask yourself, “Who knows these guys? They’re awesome? Do they have a show or something?” This is the reason why an artist press release is relevant. A well-written press release is a good way to promote an artist, band, or a new music video.

For people who do not know that a band or singer exists, a band press release can inform them about it. If they are informed about a singer or a band, a greater number of audiences can know about it. After a successful artist press release, you may write a music video press release for their upcoming songs and performances. For more publicity for a starting band or singer, an album press release can be of great help.

An artist, band, or any type of music press release is a special type of a press release. Many press release writing services write press releases for singers, album producers, and bands. Not only they talk about the publicity they needed but it is also a way to showcase their talents. These types of press releases can be sent without employing a press release distribution service. However, the services they offer can lead to greater press coverage but sometimes you need to pay fees. If you will not employ press release writers to write a press release writing for your band or singer release, these are things you need to know.

See the Features of an Art Press Release

Like a general press release, a band or artist press release has the same contents. It begins with a heading “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” or “RELEASE ON [INSERT DATE]”. You begin by providing the artist or band name, the recording company [if any] and contact information. It has a headline which somehow goes like this: “Mercury Records Upcoming Event Features Seven New Artists including Percy Russel”. Also, you need to answer the 5 basic questions after the headline to give a general overview of what the announcement is about.

As a press release writer, you must also provide information about the artist such as what genre they perform, and why should you be listening to him or her. Write your first paragraph in a way that it grabs the audience’s attention. Give the readers some reasons to watch a band event, listen to your music, and patronize the artist; otherwise, they won’t buy it. The whole press release should not be more than 500 words.

Since you cannot write a 500 word document which can showcase the real talent of your new artist or band, you should at least provide a website link of your band. Also, add contact information in case there are clarifications regarding your band press release.

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