Promote your new book with a book press release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Promoting your Book to Various Media Networks and Large Online Communities

Many struggling authors are looking for new ways in order to get press and media coverage for their new books. Book press release allows you to inform not only journalists and bloggers but potential clients and encourage them of the relevance of your new book. Many press release writing services write high quality book press release in order to generate buzz to up and coming authors. This is an efficient way to professionally promote your book to various media networks and large online communities. By simply writing a great book press release, you can increase your chances of being featured by large publications to get the publicity you need for your book.

Book Press Release Must be Brief, Clear and Direct

A book press release is similar to general press releases; this should begin with interesting and brief headlines to lure your readers. Provide book title, author, publisher and all important contact information. A good book press release will be able to answer all the basic question of what, who, why, where and how. Give your readers reason of why your book is different from other mainstream book stories; otherwise readers will simply assume it is another typical tale of love or adventure. Your book press release should be only one page; be clear, concise and direct.

Targeting your Audience for Better Press Release Distribution

If you want to make the most of your investment in press release writing services identify your target audience. Targeting your market will enable search engines and press release writing services to distribute your book press release to right channels. If you are aiming to get into local or national publications, do not forget to send them a copy of your book as they are most likely to make a review. Press release writing services is a great promotional vehicle for your book in order to get the necessary publicity it requires for improved profitability.

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