Pros and Cons of a Video Testimonial Without a Script

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Sometimes script is good in video testimonials, but in other times it is not appropriate, so how can you find out whether scrip should be used in a video testimonial or should it be avoided and why. We will try to uncover the pros and cons of using script in a video testimonial so you will know if it can be used or you should post a video testimonial without it.

Script In a Video Testimonial – Can It Be Helpful?

Script is a text written by some writer with the purpose of being said in front of a camera and is meant to deliver a certain message to the viewers. Its pros are obvious – it is usually being created by professional marketologists and writers, thus it will be free from errors and will sound correct, thus delivering the right message. At the same time video testimonial with a script will sound loud and clear and more customers will get the right impression from it. However, there are some cons in the usage of script in a video testimonial. What are they?

Cons of Video Testimonial Usage

So, what are the cons of using a script in video testimonial? There is only one negative thing in using a script – you have the chance for the video testimonial to sound insincere. The thing with the script and its usage is that if everything will sound and look perfect, your viewers might suspect that you have hired professional actors to do the video testimonial and thus trying to fake it. This might greatly interfere with your business as if you will present false video testimonials with some fake professional video testimonial actors, no one will believe in you, your company and its products, so you are risking of losing customers.

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