Secrets Of Writing A Winning Restaurant Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Press release for a new restaurant

A good press release can be critical for the opening of your new restaurant. No matter how good the food and service are, if people aren’t aware of you, then you could be looking at an empty room on opening day. The first thing to consider is where to target your press release. Local media in your area and online would be the route to take. Follow the standard press release format but try and give it a few extra touches to get the results you want

  • A good headline is all important. Put yourself in the customers shoes. In 7 words or less what would make you want to try out a new restaurant
  • Make the content personal, not just a list of facts. The first paragraph should contain the basics and cover all important points in 2 or 3 sentences. However in the body don’t just list food items. Tell about the chef and maybe one specialty that he has. Something that will make the audience feel more connected. Make use of a quote from the chef or owner

  • Have a call to action paragraph. “For more information” or “To make reservations” with contact information

  • You should have a website before opening even if only basic. Your online restaurant press release should contain a link to your website where you can provide more information and some photos

  • At the bottom of the press release include source and contact information

Other opportunities for a restaurant press release

It isn’t necessary to wait for an opening. You can write press releases for your restaurant when you change menus. If you are offering a special on a dish, having a happy hour or hosting a special function these all provide the opportunity to write a restaurant press release and get your restaurants name out there. Maintain and build your online presence through the use of press releases. On your website devote a section to press releases that you can link back to in new press releases.

Checklist for a restaurant press release

When writing an app launch press release or any other one here is a short checklist to use as a guideline

  • Use an attention getting headline
  • Include all important information in the first paragraph
  • Use a quote to make it more personal
  • Include a call to action
  • Don’t forget source and contact information
  • Proofread

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