SEO Press Release Writer at Your Service

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

In order for your press release to receive the attention you want you must utilize the proper SEO techniques. SEO press release writing takes time and patience, as well as research to be able to target the perfect keywords and key phrases. Search engine robots crawl new posts and press releases and determine whether or not the keywords are searchable. When you use the proper words that searchers are looking for then you will rank highly.

How we write an SEO press release

Even though software helps to determine the ranking of your SEO press release writing, you have to keep your audience in mind throughout the writing process. Our experts write for the readers – not software. In this way we are able to use a natural tone in the writing so that it seems you are having a conversation with the reader and at the same time provide them with the information they need.

We research your company, your website and your topic before we start any SEO press release writing for you.  We also research your competition to find the strategic keywords used in their press releases. This enables us to find the best keywords for you that are searched for often but not available in too many sites online. This gives you an SEO optimized press release.

Writing the perfect SEO press release

We take the time needed to help you when you come to us to hire an SEO press release writer. When you submit your order we will take the time to discuss your plans so that we have a better idea of what you want to achieve. Our SEO press release writing consists of:

  • Writing an engaging title
  • Using headings and subheadings
  • Writing an SEO press release that readers can scan for information
  • Keeping the statements short and to the point
  • Using precise wording to get your message across
  • Including quotes from company executives or customers
  • Embedding links to your website in the SEO optimized press release

The text of the SEO press release should be written around one of two keywords or phrases. These should occur strategically throughout the SEO press release writing so that the text reads in a natural manner. Your SEO press release writer makes sure that the writing is edited and formatted properly after you give your approval.

More than just SEO press release preparation

Writing, editing and formatting – while these are the main reasons you come to us for help with an SEO press release we do more than that for you. We can submit the press release to online sites so that it will be picked up by the various news agencies dealing with your topic. After all exposure is the main purpose of hiring an SEO press release writer.

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