Press Release Editing Service

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

If you have written a press release, and are not certain if it is good enough to be distributed, our team of press release consultants are here to assist you. They will edit and proofread your press release for you. Our team of editors have experience in journalism and the media industry, and they work closely with our search engine optimization consultants to make sure that your press release is the best that it could possibly be. They have many years of experience because when we hired them, they had to have at least five years of experience. Additionally many of our press release writers and editors are retired professionals from the media industry.

A Flawless PR with Press Release Editing Service

Even is you are an excellent copywriter, and understand the format to use to write an effective press release, it is still very difficult to spot all the errors in your work. You need a fresh set of eyes. You want to attract favourable attention to your press release, and one which is riddled with errors, will not portray your as professional. That’s the last thing that you want to do.

If you hire Press Release Writing Service, we will proof-read and edit your press release to catch grammatical and typographical errors: Capitalization, grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage and so on to clean up your copy for you. We will also make sure that your press release is newsy and not hyperbole, has an attention grabbing headline, and search engine optimized with your most important keywords. We will make sure that your press release includes a powerful call to action making your press release a portal to your website.

Our Two Key Press Release Editing Services

Press Release Edit and Refine Service 

  • Our senior editors will never add or remove content from your press release, because we understand you wrote it to covey a message in a specific tone.
  • Correct all grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Review your draft and fine-tune the headline, subhead, and introductory copy, ensuring these elements are unique and compelling enough to merit media coverage and relevant and engaging enough to entice your target audience to read further.
  • Give your press release a professional and polished touch.

Press Release Re-Writing Service 

  • Our editors and writers will fine tune and update your press release, add and refine content, and make your news pop in the eyes of readers.
  • Produce a press release that is fully search engine optimized.
  • Add video, podcasts, images and links to make your press release more interactive to engage readers.

Whichever editing service you use, you will always get to see the final version of your release for review before it is distributed. Let our press release editing services work for you. We guarantee to deliver an edited draft within two days. If you have a rush order, talk to us about it.