Should Images, Podcasts and Videos be in Your Press Release?

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It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that also applies when it comes to adding images and videos to your press releases. Adding professionally looking images within a press release also increases the readability of your release. Images are a great way to display your company’s logo or your products, and a form of branding. These days, adding images to press releases and other communications is a fundamental component of public relations. It’s also becoming more popular for companies to include podcasts and videos as well.

A research report by The William Glasser Institute about how we learn indicates that we learn:

  • 10 percent of what we Read
  • 20 percent of what we Hear
  • 30 percent of what we See
  • 50 percent of what we See and Hear

The research is applicable also if you want our press releases to be memorable. Imagine getting the media to stand up and take notice of your news because of your high quality photos, podcasts and embedded videos. In addition, the world is our stage, and the internet serves as a global newsroom, therefore images and videos will optimize the visibility of individuals and organizations.

If you are announcing the promotion of a business executive, a head shot is a must so that people may associate the name with a face. If you are introducing a new food product, we consume with our eyes. If you are putting on a play, it’s appropriate to include a photo of the members of the cast. If you are having a walking tour of your city, pictures of places you will be visiting, and scenes along the route are expected. If you are a non-profit organization raising money to save endangered animals, pictures of the endangered species will add more credibility to your cause. Press Release Writers can bring your news to life by adding podcasts and videos within your press release.

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At Press Release Writers, our writers are not only skilled writers, but also artists, because they know how to craft a winning press release document with the appropriate images, embedded podcasts and videos that will strengthen your message. Adding images, podcast and videos to your press release can optimize your visibility, but only if they are appropriate for your news. As artisans, our press release writers always know which images, podcasts and videos will add to and not detract from your news, and they also know where in the release to place them. And most importantly, we know what the requirements are for publication-ready images and the ideal length for podcasts and videos, and know when to use action shots instead of posed photos.

Because we have been in the press release writing business for a long time, we know exactly what journalists are looking for in a news release. Press Release Writers have alliances with photographers and videographers to produce exceptional quality photo and videos to enhance your news, and we will automatically host your videos on YouTube, photographs on Flickr and podcasts on iTunes. These three websites are spidered regularly by major search engines, and are searchable social tools.

High quality images, podcasts and videos add legitimacy and sizzle to your press releases, which attract media professionals. And with the internet serving as a global newsroom, press releases are often viewed as published stories.