Some Great Press Release Quotes

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When you send out a press release you don’t want it to be easily forgotten. The full value of the PR are the quotes that can be derived from it. These can allow the information to stick in a person’s mind for days afterwards. Good quotes can also work up the attention of the journalists. It means that a press release service can get the attention from the media outlet it is due. There is a skill in developing good quotes in press releases.

Press Release Quotes Must Be Authoritative

The quotes should come from somebody who is a decision-maker, or an expert in the field. This can help draw attention to the information of the press release. While you may have had an interview with a knowledgeable individual, it doesn’t mean that large amounts of text be used for the quote. The best ones are short and to the point. You have to be able to discern which ones are going to do the most good. Keep in mind that a PR somewhere between 400 – 500 words. That is not given off a lot of room for quotes.

Allow a Professional to Help

Making up quotes can be very risky business, and the position of the quote in the press release is important. The quote should add quality to the PR and not simply be something that’s tacked on as an afterthought. This is where a professional press release writer can help. He or she can take the quote and place it in the content so that draws the proper attention. Media editors are hesitant to do any changes to a quote, and an expert will see to it that a valuable phrase from another person gives the right impact where it is needed.

We Can Be Of Service

We have professionals on staff with a lot of experience in sending press releases. They respect the use of quotes better than most other people, and they see to it that those valuable words are where they belong in a PR. The introductory phrases to a quote are critical in our professionals make sure that those words are not wasted. Indeed, the introductory phrases our experts use draw the reader right into the important words.

A good use of quotes adds a lot of strength and authority to a press release. We are very mindful of that when we provide assistance to our clients. We position. The quotes where they provide the best affect and we see to it they stand out appropriately. The consequence is a PR that has more punch and gains greater attention than one written by an amateur.

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