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Submit press releases

A press release may be intended for the public, but if you want yours to be seen then you need to distribute it properly. Press releases are not easy to get to a large audience because there are so many out there, and you need to have a press release that is competitive with others. It also needs to be distributed by someone who knows what they are doing, and when you come to us to submit press releases we explore various press release sites and give you the best chance at success. We work with you on a case by case basis, and that means that every press release gets its own strategy and attention.

Where to submit press releases

There are many distribution networks out there for releasing your statement to the public, so how do you decide which one is best for you? There is an easy way to get out of this decision, and that is by coming to us! We look at various sites and decide the best way to approach your press release, nad with our expertise you will reach a wider audience than ever before. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the various services out there, and by coming to us you get our knowledge and expertise about the best way to submit press releases. We work for you, and with our assistance your PR will get a lot of exposure.

Press releases submission

Submitting press releases shouldn’t be something that costs you too much, and by coming to us you get the widest release platform plus amazingly low prices. You will have to see our prices to believe just how low they go, and when you factor in that we can submit press releases to several websites you know that you have a winner. We are leaders in the PR industry because we understand the business, and with the assistance of our expertise your PR will get wide exposure. We pick the right sites based on the nature of your press release, and with our wide network of media connections we know that we can make sure that your voice is heard. No one understands the press release submission process better than us, so when you want to get a message out there we are the service for you.

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