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Why write a new employee press release?

There are several reasons why you would write a restaurant press release or any other one regarding a new employee starting with your company. To let people know you are bringing somebody in to improve a problem area or if a valuable employee has retired to inform those concerned an able replacement is coming in are just two. An excellent reason for an event press release informing of a new employee is to get your companies name in the public eye. Press releases are a good way to advertise by getting your name out there while at the same time recognizing a new employee.

Points to cover in a new employee press release

A press release regarding a new employee coming on board will follow the basic press release format. It should be written in the third person and read much like a newspaper story would read. The following points are the standard way of structuring a new employee press release.

  • Top of the press release include your company logo. Also the words “Press Release: New Employee”. At first glance publications receiving your press release will know what its about.
  • Title of your press release. Try and make it attention getting and cover the topic
  • First paragraph will contain all the necessary and important information. Who is the new employee, what is their job title and what will the job entail. Two or three sentences at the most.
  • The next paragraphs will tell a little bit more about the new employee. Start with the lastposition held and responsibilities there, and work back, relaying background relevant to the new position. This shouldn’t take more than two paragraphs.
  • Include one or two quotes. One from the new employee and one from a company representative responsible for the new employee
  • A final paragraph with basic information about the company
  • At the bottom of the press release include source and contact information

Checklist for new employee press release

It can be helpful to have some guidelines to follow when writing a new employee press release. Many templates are available online and you can also use the following short checklist as a guide

  • Write in the third person as if reporting a story
  • Include all important and necessary information in the first paragraph
  • Be brief. Sentences of 8 to 10 words
  • Include a quote
  • Be sure to include contact information
  • Proofread for errors

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