The Most Effective Ways How to Send a Press Release

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After writing a press release on your own or if you employ a press release writing service to write for you, you must be able to send your press release to the appropriate media outlets. The goal of sending your press release writing is to gain the maximum attention as possible. However, sending a press release is not an easy task for it entails knowledge of appropriate media outlets and key persons to whom you must send your press release.

Commonly, press release writers send press release through mail, fax, or email. Given that, as a press release writer, you must know how to send out a press release to the proper people in order to maximize the use of your press release. Before sending the press release, identify editors and reporters who are interested in your press release. For example, if you want to announce an upcoming presidential speech, you must first send your press release to a political magazine or to news authorities, not to fashion magazines. Do not send your press release to all editors!

Of course, it is easier to send press releases online but some media persons choose the snail-mail method, or even fax. Regardless of the form they choose, you must choose the appropriate media outlets to publicize your press release. Before you send your press release, make sure that your press release followed the guidelines—from writing to submission.

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Several members of the media choose to accept press releases through email. In this case, you may type or paste your press release in to the body of the email. Since email attachments are often corrupted, pasting the content into the body assures you that the recipient can receive the content. Never spam editors especially when you are sending your press release online. If you send your press release through mail, send your press release one at time to make it personal.

There are many ways on how to send a press release but not all are effective. Oftentimes, press releases pile up in the media offices especially if you do not follow up on your press release or if you did not follow some protocol. As a result, people engage the help of a press release distribution service. However, if you do not wish to employ press release writing services and distribution services, you can learn how to send a press release effectively. You must determine the timing of your press release. This is to ensure that subsequent press releases do not cover your press release. You should submit not too early but not too late. Perfect timing is crucial in an effective press release submission.

Of course, it does not end after knowing how to send press releases. You must also follow up with a phone call to ensure that they have received your press release. In this way, you can also add information you have not included in the press release proper.

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