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Affordable press release distribution

Press Release DistributionThe best written press release will do you little good if it isn’t well distributed. To be effective the press release must get read. For smaller businesses, there may not be a big budget for getting a press release distributed. However the way you write your press release can lead to more affordable press release distribution. Getting picked up by big news service or major publication will greatly increase the number of those who see your press release. To do this your press release for charity event must be written in a way that increases the chances it will selected for publishing by the various publications, blogs and websites that you submit it to.

Writing for affordable press release distribution

To get your press release noticed and published you must first get the attention and the approval of those responsible for accepting press releases for publication. The following are some tips for writing your press release that will help in gaining the favorable attention of those who can approve your press releases publication:

  • Be relevant – Your press release should be on a topic relevant to the type of content the publication you are submitting to provides.
  • Keep it short and to the point – Some editors and journalists may get hundreds of emails and press releases every day. Your press release should clearly state what it is about within one or two sentences.
  • Make information easy to locate – Include contact information at the top of the press release so it is easy to find. Provide all important information right at the start, and use bullet points.
  • Write a compelling headline – Your headline should provide an idea what the press release is about and be catchy.
  • Be persistent – Just because your press release isn’t published this time doesn’t mean it won’t be the next time.

To ensure widespread distribution you may want to consider using an online press release distribution service like the one we provide.

Our affordable press release services

Our company provides press release writing and distribution. The press release writers we use are skilled professionals with extensive experience writing press releases that get results. Our first class distribution service ensures you get the right coverage, manually submitting your press releases to the news media and press release submission websites that will obtain the best results for you. When you use are press release services benefits include:

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