Tips On Creating Catchy Art Titles In Press Release

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Why catchy art titles are important in your press release

Catchy Art Titles In Press ReleaseThe title of your press release may well be the most important part. You can spend hours crafting a press release that is a masterpiece, but if it has a boring title it will probably never get read. The title of your press release article must meet two basic requirements:

  1. The title should inform the reader what the press release is about. Anybody seeing the title should have a fairly good idea of what they will be reading about.
  2. The title should be catchy. It should make the reader want to learn more.

Boring articles with catchy titles are more likely to get read than great articles with boring titles. The key to a great title is to hook the readers interest and let them know what the article is about at the same time.

Tips and suggestions for writing catchy art titles

There is no doubt that a catchy title can make or break your press release. The following are some tips you can use for writing catchy art titles that will get your press release read:

  • Keep titles short (but not too short) – In general long titles are not effective. In many cases they won’t get read. But not too short as you still need to let the reader know what the press release is about.
  • Use titles that create an emotion – Titles that generate emotion in the reader will most likely get clicked on.
  • Write the title last – Sometimes writing the press release first will spark an idea for a catchy title.
  • Provide a reason for the reader to click – What will the reader benefit by reading further?
  • Don’t promise what you don’t deliver – In your effort to create a catchy title make sure you don’t mislead the reader.

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