Tips On How To Write A Catchy Movie Press Release

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Basic requirements of a movie press release

A good web press release can make a big difference in the attention and interest that your movie will get. When writing a film press release there are 3 basic things you will be focusing on. These are the audience that will be reading your PR, the content of your press release and the format of the PR. There will be specific things to consider regarding each.

  • Audience-Who is your target audience, is there a specific genre or age group? This is important when considering the types of publications you want to send your PR to.
  • Content-What information will be included. This should cover the who, what, where, when and why of the story.
  • Format-This will be how the content of your story will be presented

Structure of the movie press release

Press releases including internet press release are written in the third person just as a news story is. There is no I or me unless it is used in a quote. You will start with your headline. The headline should be something attention getting to attract the attention of the audience you want. All of the information you want to convey should be contained in the first paragraph. The would be the who, what, when, where and why. What is it? Its a movie screening, who is screening it, where can it be seen and when can it be seen should all be included. Its important to get everything in the first paragraph as you don’t know how much space your story will be given. Editors generally edit press releases from the bottom up and you don’t want critical information lost. The next paragraphs can expand on your story and give more information about the movie. Ideally your movie press release should only be about a page long. Indicate where the story ends by writing “end” in the middle of the line just beneath. Include source contact information at the bottom.

Key points to remember

Remember these important points when writing your movie press release

  • Make sure your headline is an attention getter
  • Include all necessary information in the first paragraph
  • Keep it short
  • Proofread your PR
  • Don’t forget source and contact information

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