Top 5 Press Release Tips

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Vast amounts of press release tips can be found on the internet in one click. The question is, are you sure that they are giving trustworthy press release tips? You only need the top 5 press release tips to make a good article although you are not a press release writer.  Press releases come in handy for people who need publicity for themselves, their products, and many other things. Many press release writing services offer press release writing for those who have no time and expertise in press release writing. However, for those who do not need a press release writing service, here are a few tips for writing press releases to help you out.

Effective Press Release Tips for Customers

  1. I. First of the press release tips, you must be certain that the information you will release is newsworthy. In writing a press release, determine the subject of your story which can answer the basic questions such as who, what, when, why, when, and how.
  2. II. Second press release tip, like any other type of writing such as term papers, theses, and essays, press release writers follow press release guidelines regarding content, format, and distribution of press release articles. Hence, the next tip is follow standard press release guidelines as to content, format, and distribution. It is common sense knowledge to follow the prevailing convention because deviance can result in inconvenience. Looking at other samples of press release articles can help you in writing with proper format.
  3. III. Third, your press release should inform, not advertise especially if you are writing for a company. Many things are newsworthy so make sure that your news is extraordinary. This can be done by selecting an angle for your story. For example, if it is a book launch, include the reasons why it is worth the read and the prominent people who have reviews for it. People want to know who have read the book or went to a certain event to gain attention. Also, stick to the facts that are interesting—never lie about facts!
  4. IV. Fourth, write only the relevant things. Be concise and clear in your press release. A concise and clear press release makes the job of media men easier. In connection, you must spell check and proofread your press release. Good grammar pays, always remember that! If you submit a press release that has errors on it, people would notice the errors and not the news itself. If you employ the work of a press release distribution service, then most likely the press release would be error free.
  5. V. Fifth, provide them with your contact information. Do not forget to include the name of your company or the person whom the article is about, telephone or mobile numbers, email addresses, and address. Providing them with such details makes communication easier, especially when there are clarifications.

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