Top Secrets of News Release Writing

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

If you were to poll many businesses that have used news releases to try to market their business you will find many that will tell you that it is not worth your time, but then you will find a minority that absolutely swear by it. So why do some businesses find huge success with news release writing when others fail to even get their releases published?

What makes a good news release?

If you were reading a newspaper, website or a magazine what makes you want to read a story? The story has to be:

– Of interest to you
– The title or headline has to catch your eye
– The opening lines have to deliver on the headline

If it does not manage to grab your attention as you scan through you will ignore it and go onto another more interesting story. This is where many companies fail, they do not treat news release writing as a journalist would treat his story when competing for a place in a publication. They just assume that they can write anything that they like and that the publication will just publish to fill up space. While some will just publish to get that final few inches filled you will still not get anyone to read it!

Why use a news release writing service?

Many companies will use a professional news release writing service rather than leaving it to someone in their marketing or sales department to write. It takes a lot of experience and a huge amount of writing skill to be able to create a highly engaging news release that will get the attention of both a reader and the editors of the publications that you want your release published within. A skilled news release writer will ensure that your news event will be written in a way that will get it read and also to get the reader to take action. A news release should be written not just to be read but to get a response. You want the reader to want to go on to visit your company, buy your products or even visit your website. Don’t trust your news release to luck, hire a professional so that your news release writing is done in the most efficient way possible ensuring that it is published, read and that the readers follow the course of action that you are looking for.

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