Top tips on novel press release writing

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In writing novel press release, it is important that you consider all the information you include in order to ensure its quality and effectiveness. A press release is an important piece of marketing tool which could dramatically improve your popularity by efficient means of utilizing press release writing services. Here are top tips that you can use in writing your novel press release:

  1. Always create powerful headlines. Majority of your readers will depend on the effect of your headlines. This should grab the attention of your readers as if reading a newspaper article so choose your words carefully.
  2. When advertising your novel, make sure that you can identify your target audience. A novel press release must be sent out to media outlets that can benefit from the product/service you are promoting.
  3. Observe proper formatting, style, language and tone of your press release. Well written press releases does not only promote good publicity but establishes your credibility as an author.
  4. Getting press release writing services will enable you to maximize distribution of your novel press release. Press release writing services can publish your press releases to newspapers, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and online communities. These services are proven effective in generating profits by giving you great results in online ranking.
  5. Always consider the time and deadline of other people. Send out novel press releases that are short and direct. Using brief points will enable your readers to know what your novel is about and important information about the author.
  6. In order to improve your chances of being syndicated or indexed, you can put your book cover on your press release. Appealing to visual senses will help your readers match your information to the quality of your book.
  7. Do not forget to include important details of your book such as price, website, retailers and international standard book number.

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