Video Game Press Release

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Purpose of the video game press release

A press release for your new video game is a means of promoting the game and informing the public about it. For the publications, blogs and other media you send it to it also serves a purpose. They aren’t interested in promoting your new video game. They want content that will be of interest to their audience. Keep this in mind when writing your game press release. Provide the information that you want to get out there in a way that fulfills the publications needs and they are much more likely to publish your press release.

Basic elements of video game press releases

If you aren’t already familiar with press release format, get one of the many free templates available online to use as a guide. When writing the press release, write in the third person as a newspaper journalist would. Include the following elements in your video game press release using a template as guide for placement:

  • Headline-Make it catchy and ensure it makes the topic clear
  • Opening paragraph- The first paragraph should be only 2 or 3 sentences. It should contain all the vital information that is essential to your game release. If well done, the first paragraph could stand alone as the story if it had to.
  • Body- Expands on the key points in the first paragraph. This is where you can explain your game in a little more detail. You don’t want too much technical detail but information like platform and system requirements should be included. At the end of the body tell the readers where to go to get the video game and when it will be available.
  • Last paragraph will be brief company/developer bio information
  • At the bottom of the press release provide contact information

Tips to getting your video game press release accepted

When you are writing your press release, following these basic guidelines will increase the chances of your press release getting accepted

  • Use the pyramid technique. The point of your press release at the top, widen to a little more detail and more information to fill out the bottom
  • Think like a writer/editor-Include all the information a reporter might need for a story. The less a editor has to do to your press release before they can publish the more they like it.
  • Choose a specific angle about your game that makes it different and focus on that
  • Proofread to ensure your press release is free of spelling and grammatical errors

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