Video Testimonial in the Form of Interview

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If you would like to see a dialog in your new video testimonial, then an interview video is exactly what you need. In these short advertisements a company representative usually asks questions about the service and a customer shares his impressions. Of course, such video testimonials also need a script, but in practice they look more natural and believable. The major advantage of interview video testimonials is actor’s reaction on a new question. There is no such opportunity to show confusion, excitement, resentment or agreement during monolog. Though professional video testimonial actors are very emotional in their short movies, they will never show that variety of feelings and worries.

Preparing the Script for an Interview Video Testimonial

Without a doubt professional video testimonial has a developed story, so you should discuss all the questions with the video testimonial actor, listen to his answers and outline the schema of your further conversation. But try leaving some space for spontaneous answers. It will look more natural, if some brief clarification questions will arise, just make sure that your video testimonial actor is warned that something over the script is also possible.

Video Testimonial Actor Should React

Impressive experience is what distinguishes the interview video testimonial. The crucial difference and your ace is reaction of a video testimonial actor on your questions. Here he can smile, frown, agree to your perceptions or completely disapprove your presumptions. Don’t let this chance sip asking ordinary questions; you can use tag-questions as well. And of course you can make some predictions, and video testimonial actor will prove or disapprove them.

The Ideal Length of an Interview Video Testimonial

In majority of cases, interview video testimonials turn into discussions lasting more then 10 minutes. Even if you are asking interesting and well-built questions, noone will waist more then 5 minutes on your advertisement. Despite its natural look and flow, everyone understands that this video is nothing more than promotion, so don’t weary potential customers with a long dialogue. Keep in mind the ideal length of every video testimonial – 1-3 minutes!

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