What Is a Press Release?

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Many people ask “what is press release”. Here are a few but relevant things you need to know about it. Press releases (also known as media releases or news releases) are tools for publicity. Basically, press releases are written by press release writers working independently or for a press release distribution service. Press releases are commonly used in new businesses, new products, events and gatherings, research findings, and other things that need to be publicized. There are several types of press releases such as written audio taped or video tapes. With the definitions given above you may ask “what actually is press release?”

A Brief History of Press Release

According to many sources, press releases were created largely by accident by a journalist named Ivy Lee. It happened in 1906 when a train crash killed more than 50 people in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Ivy Lee persuaded the Pennsylvania railroad company to issue a statement about what happened before other journalist release different speculations about the incident. The railroad company let him outline the true facts which were published in the New York Times. Then the practice of writing press releases started.

Press Release Format

What is the format of a press release? Generally, press releases are 400-500 words or 4-5 paragraph articles which contains the basic information about something which is necessary to create a news story. A press release contains several elements such as headline, dateline, introduction, body, boilerplate, close, and media contact information. All of these are important parts of a press release.

The Role of Press Release Today

Press releases are commonly used in the field of public relations. Press releases contain the most basic information about something which is the building blocks of a news story. There are several purposes of writing a press release. First, it can help people such as politicians, artists, and book writers promote themselves. Second, it helps businesses promote their new products and services. Third, it helps event organizers promote their events. Fourth, it informs the media about major accidents, presidential speeches, and other important announcements. Hence, a press release is an official announcement directed to the media people for them to inform the general public.

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