What Is the Difference Between SEO and Standard Press Release?

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An SEO press release is used by a lot of businesses to make company announcements, updates, and inform customers are about their new offers and product updates, among others. However, you might be thinking what the difference between a standard and SEO press release. You’ll learn about that in today’s post so you better stay tuned.

SEO Press Release: What It Is?

Press release writing for the web is not the same as posting these releases in an ordinary newspaper or other media venues. When you write for the web, you need to make sure that the press release is friendly for web users. Having that said, you should reach as many people as much as possible especially if your business is web-based. Press release writing for the web should be as search engine optimized as possible. It means that you will need to include important keywords, words that are searched by your target audience on the web.

Press Release Writing Service Tips for SEO

  1. Audience. When you write for the web, you should make sure that you target the right people. This means that you should write based from your market. It will also help you SEO release be focused on a specific topic.
  2. Dates. You should know that press release writing for the web has to be always updated. As an advice, you may want to not include dates to avoid posting an outdated content for your audience. On the other hand, new product releases may need dates especially if it will be released on a specific date.
  3. Keywords. Research and focus on keywords when writing the release. You may need to spend time for this to ensure that your content is SEO-friendly.
  4. Links. You may want to include your website links in press release writing, says your press release writing service.
  5. Format. You should format the release just like a standard one but you need to keep your content focused on SEO.
  6. Contact. Don’t also forget to include the contact details including the email address, address of the company, among others at the end of the release.

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There you have the difference between standard and SEO release. Nonetheless, SEO ones are targeted for the web. The bottom line is that both releases aim to inform or announce an important event for your business.

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