What Makes a Good Press Release Writer

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Your press release is only as good as the press release writer who crafts it. Therefore it’s very important that press release writers actually have experience writing press release. It’s not enough for a press release to write well because a press release is very different from other forms of writing and has to be structured a certain way. The primary reason for using press releases is to get attention for your news, and the nature of the news varies widely.

A good press release writer has to understand editorial guideline for press releases:

Newsworthy Content:

Press releases are meant to inform and not to sell, therefore, it is never wise to write a press release in the form of an advertorial because it is guaranteed to get dismissed. Their intent is to disseminate news worth sharing about your organization to the reader. The point of a release is to entice the reader or journalist to contact you for further information. Good press release writers know the difference between news and a sales pitch, so they craft their press releases so that they get read.

Objective Tone:

Press releases should be free of hyperbole, so never make overstatements. Good press release writers know this, so they avoid using “I”, “You”, and “We” which are red flags. They also know which words will be sure to get press releases dismissed by journalists, so they avoid using them.

Legally Accurate:

Good press release writers know that every claim made in a press release has to be substantiated, and legally accurate, to prevent legal action being taken against the client.

Written Authorization:

Good press release writers know that if they are quoting someone, or using Stock Ticker Symbols in their press releases, they have to get written permission.

Standard Length:

Good press release writers know that a press release should be no longer than 800 words and preferably between 350 and 500 words.

Standard Grammar and Spelling:

A press release riddled with errors makes you and your organization look unprofessional and careless, and the media professionals whose attention you are trying to attract will simply ignore you. Good press release writers know that good press releases are polished and free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Proper Formatting:

Good press release writers know the proper formatting for press releases that get read. The press releases they write are double spaced or 1.5 spaced, no longer than 3 pages, but preferably between 350 and 500 words because they get more exposure. And if a press release is longer than a page, they know that at the end of each page to include (more) (10) so that the reader knows to continue reading. Signal the end of your press release with ### symbols, centered directly underneath the last line of the release.

A Clear News Source:

A good press release writer knows that it’s standard practice to explicitly state or credit the source of the news in the release.

On top of that, a good release writer crafts headlines that will make the reader want to read the press release, optimize press releases with keywords that are important to the client, as well as use images, podcasts and videos to make the press release more engaging.