What Not to Include in Your Press Release

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Crafting a professionally written press release that gets noticed is both an art and a science. The purpose of a press release is to give media professionals information that is useful, accurate and interesting. With our extensive experience in writing press releases, we have a few tips that we would like to share with you regarding what not to include in a press release.

Press Release WritersIf you are emailing your press release, do not make the subject line “press release”. Instead, view the subject line as the headline for your news. With that in mind, the headline should have a “grabber” that will capture the media professionals’ attention.

Press Release WritersUsing ALL CAPS is the equivalent of shouting at someone. You would not shout at media professionals because they would get very angry with you and ignore your news, even if it is noteworthy. It is considered bad form to submit a press release entirely in upper case letters, or ALL CAPS. There are times when you may be tempted to capitalize a few words in your press release to add emphasis to what you are saying, please desist from doing so. The words you choose can add the necessary emphasis. And adding words in all caps may send the message that your news is either spam or an advertisement.

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Press Release WritersPress releases are meant to inform and not to sell, therefore, it is never wise to write a press release in the form of an advertorial because it is guaranteed to get dismissed.

Press Release WritersAvoid all sexually explicit content and references to sexually explicit material in your press releases. Never link to any website that contains sexually explicit material or products. If websites have a disclaimer for 18-and-older, it likely has sexually explicit content.

Press Release WritersSpam is a big problem. Avoid keyword stuffing in your press release. Use no more than one link for every 110 words in your press release copy. In addition, avoid words such as FREE, make money, sex, don’t miss this opportunity, because spam filters will flag you release as spam.

Press Release WritersYou are smart and have great opinions, but be careful about how you express them in your press release. If you are using a quote to support your news, always make sure that it is properly attributed. And avoid slandering others in all your communications, including your press releases. Never use language that promotes hate, or is harmful to others.