Where to Send a Press Release

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After writing a newsworthy and relevant press release, the only thing you need to know is where to send press releases. There are many ways to send press releases and you can do it on your own or through a press release distribution service. Since the traditional submission of press releases is being changed by new forms of media especially the internet, there are also different guidelines a press release writer should follow with regards to submission. The question you need to ask is where to send press releases and how to send out press releases. Press releases are accepted by news outlets with or without a fee because there is nothing free anyway!

Press release writers often send their press release writing via snail mail, email, and fax. These means are the most common answers of the question where to submit press releases. After knowing the common modes of submitting press release, you may also ask who to send press releases to.

Press releases are accepted by editors of a news outlet. Depending on the relevance of your press release, they would approve and publish your press release. Therefore, you must know what news outlets, magazines, and media men accept press releases. Also, you must know the editors and the form of submission they require. Not all newsworthy articles can be published in the major newspaper so you must also determine your target audience. Ask yourself if it is for a major newspaper, a fashion magazine, book magazine, sports journal before you contact editors. It is a waste of time to send all your press releases to each and every editor in town.

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You can learn where to send press releases by following the tips above. If you want publicity but don’t know who to send press release to, you may employ the help of press release writing services.

Here are a few tips to help you determine where and how to send press releases.

  1. Search for online directories and send them your press release. You can also request a press release writing service to do this for you. Online directories can be a great help since they make your press release available to a wide array of media men, journalists, and news outlets.
  2. If you think that your story is very relevant and you want a national audience, contact major newspapers and magazines. You must remember to follow their guidelines.
  3. If you think that your press release is for a local audience, or if your business, brand, or event is on its starting phase, you may contact your local press and media men. You can send your press release to them through email but it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call.
  4. It is better to submit your press releases after 11 am on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You may ask why and here is the answer: hard news is received on Mondays and Fridays.
  5. Provide them with contact information about you and your company for future use.

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