Will Video Testimonials Slow Down My Website?

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Video Testimonials Are Not Uploaded with the Website

The logical question to ask about a Video Testimonial is whether it would slow down your web site. The answer to this question is very simple – No. By no means, Video Testimonial would slow down your web site for one simple reason – it is not being loaded with the web site itself and will be activated only after an individual presses the “PLAY” button.

Video Testimonials Will Speed Up Your Website

Video Testimonial is a relatively new feature and a very positive one, because it provides a comprehensive understanding of a product, service and company or an individual who provides it. When you come to think about it, Video Testimonial will only speed up your web site and your online business as it will bring in new customers and boost your sales.

Video Testimonial Will Make Your Business Grow!

Even if you will embed a Video Testimonial on your web site so it loads right away, it will not greatly slow down your web site, because most users have the broadband Internet connection that will load your site in seconds. Buy testimonials to boost your online business today and make it grow!

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