Writing a Book Launch Press Release That Would Reach Your Readers

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You have put a lot of hard work into writing that great book. It is now time to let your readers know that it is available for their literary enjoyment. You want to send out a press release that is going to grab attention and get people more than interested. There’s a little bit more to this than just writing a paragraph or two. In addition, you may find more information about app press release service by visiting our site.

A Book Launch Press Release Is Serious Marketing

What you will be doing with that press release is both information giving and marketing. It is extremely important to look at the marketing aspect of this. Information is going to go to the media, and a media release book launch has to follow certain guidelines.

The headline has to be straight to the point in the first paragraph and should give a tight summary of the rest of the text. The press release writer has to make the most out of the first sentence. It really has to rivet attention so that the reader will look at the rest of the story. By the way, the press release is not meant to be lengthy. If it is written with no more than 450 words that is sufficient. The press release must conclude with a call to action that tells the reader the availability of the book and where it can be purchased.

The Final Touches Are Important

Contact information should be included in the final part of any press release. A book launch party press release must include the location of the event. Keep in mind that you don’t have to tell absolutely everything about the book. The media will contact you if they would like more information. The press release has to provide information and a call to buy the book.

You are a good writer but marketing text requires a little bit of style that is not ordinary literary writing. Because this press release is so important you may want to consider a little bit of assistance. We can do that for you. We have done press releases for books and other products, and our writers know what needs to be in the content. What we can do will get the media’s attention and shed a favorable light on your book. A good book can produce very lucrative sales in the following weeks. Take the opportunity to use a press release to jumpstart any book selling campaign. We can be of service and have media be more than interested in what you have written.

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