Writing a Local Press Release for Successful Promotion

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Many companies are exploring the potential of press releases as a main marketing tool to promote effectively new products and services. In fact, local press releases is widely popular not only offline but also online as this helps easily spread the word. Here are several tips that might be valuable when you are writing a winning local press release:

  • Make sure that your local press release is newsworthy; never write unnecessary press release that will simply waste the time of your readers.
  • Always immediately tell the audience what the message is all about. Keep it direct to the point and tell why your audience should continue reading your local press release.
  • Start with a short description of the news and always ask yourself how your readers can relate to your local press release.
  • Your headline should be interesting and attractive; most readers evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of the local press release based on the proficiency of their headlines.
  • The first 10 to 15 words of your local press release should be effective and compelling. This is one of the most important aspects of a winning press release.
  • Use plain language; do not try to impress your readers by using terminologies and jargons that might be unfamiliar to them. Remember to communicate with your readers and not confuse them.
  • Avoid using excessive adjectives, fancy words and promotional phrases.
  • Your local press release should focus on the facts; never include fictitious and exaggerated information in your press release.
  • Never send out local press release that is unnecessary; wait until you have enough information before you issue a press release.
  • Make it easier for media representatives, journalists and the press to do their jobs. Keep your local press release professional and simple.
  • As much as possible, include all contact information in your local press release from address, phone, fax, email, web site, etc.

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