Writing a press release on any product launch

Press Release Writers will provide you with the best guidelines to compose the best press release on any product launch.

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When launching a new product your first key to success is a large publicity that will guarantee a large number of interested clients. A well-written press release will be a great idea to grab the attention of potential customers and get them interested in the new product.

Particular guidelines to write a press release on any product launch:

  1. Write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:” at the top of the page
  2. Contact info: Provide accurate contact information presuming that new readers don’t know about your company yet.
  3. Headline: Choose a headline that will include the announcement of a new product, such as: Company Announces Release of New Product’s Name.
  4. Subheadings: Include subheadings describing the benefits of the new service or product.
  5. Five W: Answer the crucial five questions comprising the place and date of the product launching.
  6. Feedbacks: Try to add reviews or good feedbacks provided by a third party who has already used or tried the new product.
  7. Further details: In a new paragraph, give more details about the product and its features, competences or paybacks.
  8. A CEO quote: Be sure to provide a quote from your CEO describing the reasons behind creating this product and the advantages and benefits behind launching it.
  9. Multimedia: An image of the new product could be a great way to attract more possible customers.
  10. Briefing: At the end, a small briefing will be necessary where you can mention, if you desire, the price of the product.

General important steps to follow:

  1. The text should not exceed one page.
  2. Skip using “a”, “the” and future verb tenses in the headline.
  3. Use attractive outlines, such as bolded, underlined and italic fonts.
  4. A professional text is what you need to attract customers, if necessary seek for help from a professional freelance writer.
  5. Don’t forget to include ### or ENDs and the end of your text.

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These are some recommendations you can adopt to compose the perfect press release on any product launch and attract a wide number of customers. Be sure that with Press Release Writers, you will always find the content and help you need.

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