Writing a Social Media Press Release With Our PR Writers

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Writing a social media press release with our PR writers is very simple. Why struggle to write a release through social media when you can have it done by an expert who knows exactly how to make your release engaging and likely to elicit the action that you are looking for.

What is a social media press release?

Everyone uses social media of some form from Twitter and FaceBook through to photo sharing sites such as Pinterest.  But many businesses fail to use social media to promote their business when it can be a highly efficient medium. A press release, social media style, is an announcement of something newsworthy that you publish via social media rather than through newspapers, magazines or their online equivalents.

How is a press release for social media different?

Creating a press release tailored for social media is not the same as the standard press release that you would create in the hope of publication in your local press or industry related web sites. Social media works through likes and shares and you have to be able to engage your audience and get them to share what you have to say throughout their networks of friends and associates. A social media press release that just says “XYZ Corp. has released a new version of its popular can opener” is not likely to get any shares or likes. The writer and the company has to find an angle and a way to get the readers to want to share the story with their friends. This could be done by various methods but all should seek to encourage the reader to want to share or like what they have read so that it gets seen by their friends and so on. You could do this by making a special offer such as “10% off if you download the coupon on our website” or trying to gain shares with a humorous video of “10 unusual ways to use our new can opener.”

Why use our Writers for your social media press release?

Not everyone is a skilled press release writer and not every press release writer is skilled at writing press releases specifically for social media. Our writers are capable of creating highly effective social media press releases that will get your message shared across your targeted audience on the internet.

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