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album press releaseWriting a press release for music is important especially if you want to spread word about it to the public. The idea behind the press release is to put all the information you want your readers to know about the music you are promoting in just a few paragraphs so they won’t get bored when reading your PR. Although this may sound a bit difficult at first, once you become familiar with the process and the music press release template, it will be easier to come up with interesting and informative press releases on your own.

More on Music Press Release Template

  • Know the music you are promoting. Knowing the kind of music you are promoting as well as who you want to target with your songs are keys to writing a great press release. Focus on what you want your readers to get out of your press release so you can write an outline.
  • Find a hook. You’re not the only who is debuting a song or an album. Keep in mind that there will be others too. The key to winning your target audience is to find the right hook to pique their curiosity.
  • Write a great intro. The first paragraph of your press release should have all the what, where, when, and how of your music so that your readers can immediately get an idea on what you are promoting. This is where you need to make your sentences stand out so your readers will want to read further.
  • Make your second paragraph count.  The second paragraph should give more information about your music, your tour dates if you have one, and reiterate why your music is cut above the rest. You need to make this appealing to the public and the media so they will want to cover your story.
  • Don’t forget the closing. This is probably the easiest part in the whole PR. Here you will tell your readers where they can get additional information and even promotional copies of your song or album if you have any as well as where you can be contacted and so on.

Best Press Release Music

The best press release for music is one that can be written in just a single page. Even if you go beyond a single page in your draft, you can always cut it back as you edit your press release. What’s important is that you keep it simple and to the point because this is what your readers are looking for in a press release. Just make sure that you’ve put all the information you want to get out there in your press release and you’ll be fine.

Choose the Right Template

The best thing about making press releases today is that you can find templates online. It won’t be too difficult to find a music press release template but make sure that you choose one that will work best for you.

An Example of Album Press Release

Zaire Announces Release Date of Newest Album, Royal Blue Dream

May 4, 4:41 AM

CA – Today, Friday May 1, 2015 marks the release date of American hip-hop recording artist Zaire Tyree Small’s next album. Small is also a producer, songwriter, singer and actor.  Professionally Small goes by the name Zaire.

Royal Blue Dream will be available for purchase worldwide through every major music store. Zaire fans will have access to the complete Royal Blue Dream album a full day earlier through the artist’s website www.zaireworld.com. The album can also be pre-ordered on April 30.

This is the fourth album for Zaire, who also serves as CEO of his own Philadelphia-based record label called Foreva Young. His tall-standing flagship LP, Warrior King, was released in 2012. It featured hits such as “Fall Back,” “Feeling Myself” and “I’m Here.”

Another album, released in December 2013, was entitled New World. This record featured hit singles like “Looking Down on the Sky,” “Currency” and “Neva Chillin’.”

May Flower was released one year ago in May 2014. This album introduced the popular songs “April Showers,” “Balloons on the Ceiling,” “Hide and Seek,” “Foreva Eva” and “Close Your Eyes.”

For more information on Zaire and his upcoming work, please visit www.zaireworld.com.

Media Contact:
Contact person: Zaire Small, CEO
Company Name: Foreva Young
Address: 7100 Oxford Ave. apt 62
Philadelphia, Pa 19111
Contact number: 2672616457
Email: [email protected]

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