Your Personal Press Release Submitter

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Getting a press release accepted for publication can be hard work, but there are many services such as ours that can make your life so much easier and far more successful. A press release is a very simple way to get your story and a simple call to action out to the public at large. So simple that many dismiss it as a credible method, but those that use it successfully swear by it. The secret is ensuring that someone will actually want to read what you have written before you submit a press release for distribution. If no one is going to want to read it there is little point in using a press release submitter.

Writing a Press Release for Submission

Before you send a press release for submission you should have it written professionally. If you are going to invest in having the release distributed, have it written well also. A professional service such as ours will ensure that your release is going to get interested when someone sees the headline and begins to read. If people do not want to read then you can be sure that no one will want to publish either. Therefore use our professional skilled writers who fully understand the journalistic style that is required to get your work published, the formats that have to be used and of course the way to hook in your potential new customers. Their releases will ensure that you get your call to action read by many potential new clients all across the Internet.

How to Submit Your Press Release

Our service is basically that of a press release submitter, you select which distribution sites you wish to publish and distribute your release and we will manually submit your press release to them. Our press release submitter will ensure that your press release is placed in the correct category and will use the correct keywords to get you the highest possible chances of being published. Many of these distribution sites have thousands of publishers that search their stories for relevant articles to print but will only find your story if it is in the right place and can be found easily. This is where the skill of our press release submitter gets you more chances of publication across relevant sites on the web. So if you want to have your press release professionally written and then submitted using our press release submitter to the best distribution services on the Internet fill in your information above and get yourself started. This service is simple and inexpensive to use but could generate huge amounts of traffic as well as improving the search rankings of your own site.